The CloudMiner suite of applications have been developed by sector specific professionals to provide asset owners, advisors, investors and governments with the capacity to evaluate assets quickly and easily within an environment that maximises the use of data from across every commodity market.

About TheCloudminer

This user friendly, low cost platform is the first to combine asset valuation, analysis, finance and accounting to present a new approach to development and investment.


Providing a global platform for Natural Resource Project, our platform facilitates PPP, B2B and B2G, seamlessly.

The CloudMiner specialises in project evaluation, analytics and origination within the Natural Resource Sector. The suite of applications enables data-driven decisions and continuous assessment, at the asset level, to enable Public Private Partnerships, Business to Business or Business to Government relationships to thrive. Our internal assets and core-capabilities lie in our extensive database of mining projects underpinned by our superior technical know-how both in the Natural Resource Sector and with data management, analytics and visualisation to add clarity to the decision making process.

Valuation in Minutes

Rapid online standardised and transparent economic valuations.

Financing Integration

Model revenues from royalties, tax and attributable ownership.

Analyse Assets in Real-time

Real-time analysis with direct feeds from the asset owners or advisors.

Project Origination

Locate opportunities through data visualisation and connect.

Value Proposition

40x Time Savings

Implementing, managing and gaining insights has never been simpler

Economic Models

Rapidly asses an assets life of mine depletion rate and revenues in a standardised, transparent and error free environment

Peer Analysis

Visualise key technical and financial parameters against global peers within the platform


Easing PPP, B2B and B2G communication with simple sharing through the cloud for improved collaboration and opportunity

7x Cost Savings

The CloudMiner service delivery model vs. traditional enterprise software

Improved Decision Making

Understand your mineral wealth, depletion rates and life of mine earnings to better plan for sustainable distribution of revenues

Sensitivity Analysis

Touch of a button analysis of a projects sensitivity to changes of key inputs

Data Analytics as a Service

Integrate in-house data with our extensive database of detailed project variables


Early Stage Companies

Seeking seed-capital to secure project area and commence development plan


Discover business development and debt/financing opportunities

Private Equity

Seeking investment, divestment and partnering opportunities

Consultants/ Advisors

Streamline client engagement and amplify reach through a wider network

Mid Cap Companies

Has cash-on-hand, positioning for growth through acquisition and JV activity

Family Offices

Seeking funding partners &/or co-investment opportunities or possible liquidity events

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Seeking diversification and collaboration


Co-ordinating with all economic development stakeholders

Large Cap Companies

Seek out strategic acquisitions Maintain mineral inventory DAaaS IT solutions

Private Wealth Managers

Offering clients access to funds and direct investments

Broker Dealers

Placing securities and identifying buy-side

Fund Managers

Seeking to grow Managing deal-flow

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