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TCM - A Valuation & Financing Platform for MINING

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Project Valuation

TCM tools and data analytics allows for standardised and rapid valuations of minerals projects of all stages.

Concept Studies

Insights on popular commodities, individual projects or trends of the industry through meticulous data driven analytics.

Due Diligence

Data driven analytics to interrogate technical and economic attributes of a project with clear transparency.

Project Marketing

Bringing the information gap between project owners & investors by providing reach to a Global audience through cloud technology.

Our Platform Tools

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Economic Modeling

Standardised, Secure and Transparent Modeling using TCM proprietry cloud based economic models with in built peer & data analytics.

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Predictive Analytics

Interrogate existing data or predict potential using the TCM expanding database for due diligence or proof of concept studies. Contact us to find out more.

The CloudMiner Ltd.

Peer Analysis

TCM's mining specific database & interactive data visualisation offers incredible depth of technical & economic parameters for immediate benchmarking of projects.

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Project Library

TCM's ever expanding database of projects can be reviewed and interrogated in the Project Zone. Projects can be entered & added easily for enhanced visibility across the platform used by investors, financiers and industry professionals globally.

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Professional Research Report

TCM's research and analytics have become widely viewed and relied up on within the sector for clean, transparent data driven content. Forming an intergral part of the due diligence process. Promoted through our mining focused network as well as on the TCM platform our research has the potential to help project owners to amplify their global reach. Our research collection is available on the Online Resources section.

TCM Professions

TCM Team blends the expertise of data science analytics with technical hands on mining and finance experience to provide a suite of cutting edge software and analytics tools for the mining sector.

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Broad Project Exposure

To date TCM have built over 3000 models within the TCM platform, covering a broad exposure to all commodity types and project stages. New models are added daily and updated across the site for all users, leaving our analytics cutting edge and ever evolving.

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